No Forward Motion

Hi All,

Our school recently purchased a new set of Tello-Drones. The students are using Chromebooks to program and connect with the drones. When the programs are executed the drones will takeoff, hover and land. They will NOT fly forward or or backwards or sideways or yaw. This is true for all of the drones. The firmware has been updated to no effect.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Unfortunately, Tello is fickle. Many environmental issues can affect its performance. Lighting, or lack thereof could be a contributor. Tello’s vision positioning system requires a good lighting. Shiny monochrome flooring is also problematic. Take a look at the Tello Troubleshooting section of your curriculum package: Troubleshooting Tello | DroneBlocks Curriculum

Hope that helps!

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Just curious if you found a solution? We are having the same issues right now.