Codes not syncing with Drones

Good morning! I use Droneblocks with my 6th coding class. We use Tello Ryze Drone. We have been having some issues with the codes working along with the drones. I have completed the updates on both the drones and Chromebooks/phones/tablets. If we put in fly forward a few inches, it hesitates and sort of flies off in a random location. If we have the code fly up 5 in then fly forward, it will not fly forward. It is like they will not sync with the codes. I often have to press abort mission to make it land because it is just hovering for a long period of time. We have fully charged batteries, updated devices, and I typically am really good with troubleshooting the devices. With the Tello app where we do the updates, the drones work fine. However, we would like to use DroneBlocks for coding. We are in our Drone unit currently have to perform our drone show next week. If I can get help, I would definitely appreciate it. Thank you so much!

We’re excited to hear about your drone show and hope we can get you airborne! The behavior you describe is generally a symptom of poor lighting or a floor that Tello can’t “see” very well. Have you looked at our free “Troubleshooting Tello” course?

Also, would you mind sharing your mission code here so we can take a look? Maybe something will jump out at us :slight_smile:

We have tried it indoors and outdoors on an open field. Same results. It’s happening with different codes. Just now, I tried takeoff, fly forward 5 in, land. Tried indoors in an open space. When I launched it, it flew about 3 ft, then eventually began to move as if the wind was blowing (not in a straight path at all), rise a little higher, then hovered in the same spot for over a minute with no response to abort mission. This has happened outdoors with some also.

Yes, I looked at the Troubleshooting course yesterday. Tried a few things, but the drones’ responses to the codes are unpredictable.

A couple of things that have jumped out at me…and we can certainly do a better job of educating DroneBlocks users is that the minimum distance Tello can be commanded to fly is about 20cm, which is 8in. Therefor a “fly forward 5 inches” command is going to be ignored. I’d recommend starting with 12" to be safe.

The other thing is that flying in a field will be problematic. Think of standing in a field and looking down at the ground while walking forward and trying to estimate distance by looking at the blades of grass. There is not enough recognizable features for Tello to “see”. When we have users in classrooms with white floors sometimes we recommend putting post it notes or objects on the floor for Tello to see. I hope this information helps get you closer.

Please keep us posted on your progress and we’ll continue to share what we know.

Ok great! Thanks so much for your quick responses! I really appreciate it!