Notes Students/Teachers Will Need To Know

First, I’m making this so that I can share the lessons learned when programming the Go1 from the Teacher/Student perspective and also from the far less knowledgeable perspective.

First thing to add to the list. And this might be blisteringly obvious to everyone but me…
When working with Chromebooks and using the Crostini Linux virtual machine, you must install a newer version of Node than the default Debian install.

Also because some schools will have github blocked and thus cannot install NVM, the commands to install a particular version of Node higher than the default is:

curl -fsSL | bash - &&\
apt-get install -y nodejs

Then they can use the await commands and program using VSCode on a Chromebook.

Thank you for this! To be honest I had not given thought to running the Go1 JS package on a Chromebook. This is very exciting to hear! Does everything run okay? What version of Node did you end up running?

Node 18 works. 12 does not. Somewhere in between they added the functionality.