Javascript Editor on Chromebook

How do I get the Javascript editor on Chromebook?

Hi, great question. As of right now DroneBlocks Code only runs on Mac & PC, but if you are up for it we could run a test to see if we can get some of our Node.js code running on your ChromeBooks. Can you tell me if you are able to get into Linux mode or are your machines pretty locked down? If you can give this a try and let me know we can take it from there:

Installing NodeJS on ChromeBook (

If I get some time tonight I will try it on the ChromeBook in my office.

What I need is the DroneBlocks Javascript code editor so I can connect the Tello to it. Google Play has it but you have to use an iPad (which we don’t have) or my students would have to download it on their personal phone. Not the best scenario.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying about iPad. ChromeBooks should be able to download it as long as your system has access to the Play Store.

DroneBlocks Code - Apps on Google Play

Do you not have the ability to install apps from the Play Store on your ChromeBooks? It should work on any Android device.