How to share code on Droneblocks

I was working with some students and I tried to have them share code with me on Droneblocks’ Chrome extension. The idea was they would mail me the links, and I would put them in the browser, droneblocks would fire up and I can see if their code works.

Problem is, while the code shows up, there’s no option to connect to the Tello when it runs in Chrome (as there is in the app, which can run stand-alone in a separate window) and there’s no way to paste the code into the app. I tried showing the Java Code and cutting-and-pasting, but it did not work. In the Droneblocks extension I had the students use the desktop link. And yes, it appears I am using the latest version, though there is (on a mac anyway) no way to tell. (“About Droneblocks” is grayed out).

So, my thought was that the links needed to be made public, which I can certainly have the students do. Is that the issue? Or is it something else?

ETA: I note that running the app it seems to connect, but not from Chrome, just to be clear.

I have a copy of droneblocks on my phone, but I see no good way to paste code into that from say, an email.


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we cannot connect to Tello directly from the Chrome browser. It’s a limitation of web browsers that they can’t access another network (in this case Tello). That’s why we have the various apps because they don’t have the network restriction. One thought that comes to mind is you could test your students’ code using the simulator. Here’s an example of a test mission I run from time to time:

Now I can take the url and change it to the following:

Notice how it’s practically the same other than instead of tello_mobile.html I’m using simulator_v2_minimal.html. The url parameters (shared and missionId) are what load the mission into the simulator. That way you could quickly test the code.

If you want to test the code on an actual Tello then you could open it up in the browser, save it to your mission list, and then login from a mobile device to run it. So basically you are taking the students mission, saving it to your account, and then accessing it while logged in from another device.

Not the cleanest approach I know. Happy to hear your thoughts on how we can improve the process.