Tello Camera Control with DroneBlocks Python App dependency issues

Hi all,

Whilst working through the Droneblocks Tello Camera with Python Open CV course I’m stuck at the dependencies.

Have updated Python to latest version (3.11.2) on my Windows 10 computer.

Successfully installed using PIP; see Pip list yet I seem to have issues with the Aruca module and Camera module. Please advise how to resolve.


Hi Heath,

Can you run pip list and share your output here? I’ll compare it to mine and see what I can find out.


Thanks very much for looking into this.


Good find. So since opencv 4.7 the Aruco library has new methods. If you pull the master branch you will get the updates and then should be able to run:


Or change you local copy of lib/ to the following:

Let us know how it goes and thanks for reporting.