Unitree go1 AIR

We recently bought the Unitree go1 air for showcasing it at tradeshows etcetera, but now we want to explore all the possibilities of this machine.

Ideally we would want to be able to control the dog from our remote operating center using 5G. (could be a control pc on the dog that is connected using a 5G cpe.

As I understand the air does not come with an API or python interface. But have any of you succeeded in sending high level commands using a scipt instead of using the web UI?

I wonder if this is just a software limitation within Go1 Air. So are you able to control it via the web GUI? If so, maybe give our JavaScript library a try. It controls Go1 the same way the web app does:

I’d be interested in knowing if it’s possible.

Hi dbaldwin

So far I’ve been able to control the dog over wifi using the web app and also by just publishing to the mqtt topics (see: GitHub - MAVProxyUser/YushuTechUnitreeGo1: 宇树科技 Yushu Technology (Unitree) go1 development notes). Tbf this is enough for us to reach our goals with the robot.

Will try out the js library when I find time for it and keep this updated. :slight_smile: