Joystick Unitree go1

Hello. how to create your own movements for the Unitree Go1 robot and bind them to the joystick

Hello sir please check here:
unitree_legged_sdk/example_joystick.cpp at go1 · unitreerobotics/unitree_legged_sdk · GitHub
You can view this example from unitree_legged_sdk, you can get the key information of the remote control and bind the information/action that needs to be triggered according to the feedback

I think I understand basically what you have there but could you direct me to the location of the file that currently receives the joystick input on the Go1? I think looking at that would help decipher what to do better. Thanks!

Hello,You mean the files inside the robot, not using the sdk right?

Yes! I am able to ssh into the car but I was unable to find the correct location for those files.

Bumping this and also correcting I meant to say dog and not car. Long week!

@Unitree_support Can you help with this?

We do not provide the specific location and working principle of these files for the time being. At present, we can only use the joystick to operate through the sdk