Unitree go1 BMS not working

Hello, I’m developing a project with go1 for a research center to end my bachelor’s degree. One of the checkmarks is to visualize the output values of the BMS page in the web interface to reach some conclusion. Still, the BMS is the only tab that doesn’t work in the unitree web interface, all the values are fixed at 0. Have anyone faced the same situation and could help me to solve it?

I wonder why it’s not working. What Go1 firmware do you have running? We are able to make this work with our Go1-JS library:

Demo here:

The firmware version running in go1 is 29. Do you think I should update the firmware?
And one more thing in the JS library you provided: are you “web scrapping” the values of the BMS from the web interface of go1 or are you accessing the information more directly? (this week I couldn’t try it because I didn’t have access to the robot)

This bms function is not supported by all robots or batteries, can you provide me with the serial number of the robot? (on the remote control) Let me help you confirm whether it is supported