Unitree Go1 EDU Front Left Hip Motor Seems Weak

I am testing a low-level control script that simply starts with the Go1 in the “prone” position, stands him up to about normal height, and returns to “prone” before exiting the script. I seem to have most of the major kinks with the script worked out, as the Go1 seems to be behaving almost completely as expected, with one exception. The front left hip motor seems to be weaker than the other hips.

The other hips reach their desired positions (0.0 radians) without too much struggle, but the front left doesn’t seem to move at all under its own power. Only when the Go1 Stands up does the hip joint seem to rotate, which I still don’t think is happening because the hip motor is moving, I think it has to do with the other two motors forcing it into that position.

I have already gone through the calibration sequence using the orange tool twice, but that hasn’t solved my problem. Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation or will I just have to get the motor replaced (however I would go about doing that)?