Unitree go1 speakers connect

Hello every one!
Some one have info about how connect to Unitree go1 speakers with Python or something language?

Try this. I have got it to work.

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Is this with the add on bullhorn or is there a speaker in the head?

In the Go 1 Edu there is a speaker in the head. Probably in other versions too. You can test the speaker using the phone app. In the phone app go to Settings, Peripherals, Audio Device. Turn on audio connection and Microphone. Talk into your phone and it will come out of the speaker in Go 1.

You best people in this world!!!
I get it, THANK YOU TO MUCH )))))
now i can play music from robot))

Oh sweet mother of monkey milk it totally works! Why didn’t we know this?? Awesome. That means the capability is there to recognize a student and play an mp3

I actually helped someone… yay!

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Ha! I’ve learned a lot just by the questions you ask. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I’ve been trying to set this up and so far I managed to check the volume and create a folder for my wav files as well as transferred a wav file onto the raspberry pi on the go1. For some reason I cant get it to play the audio, it says it’s playing yet nothing comes through the speakers, any help?

First check that your speaker works by using Audio Device function on the phone App. Talk into your phone and it should come out the speaker in the dog’s head.

it works but the audio quality kind of sucks and cuts out half of the time when speaking, is that normal? I’ve just been assuming so since the cameras have a bit of a delay on them but just want to make sure.

Don’t know if that’s normal. Try this before you start:

Ssh pi@ or

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Just got back to school to try this, unfortunately, I got these errors when running those lines.