Beginner Missions

In an effort to help students become familiar with the different navigation blocks, these are some of the Beginner Missions I will assign to the students. Each mission operates within a 48"x48"x48" flight space.

This is super cool! Dave shared your Geogebra calculator with me yesterday and I was blown a way. What a great way to visualize these shapes! Maybe one day we can find a way to incorporate it into the simulator with a preview of the flight path based on the blocks on the canvas (before launching the mission). Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Dennis! There’s actually some really interesting geometry behind the Curve block. Currently working on a doc that explains it all! Stay tuned.

Great programs. Are you sharing these. You can contact me at Thank you.

Thanks! I made the programs all public. Look for them in the Simulator v1.0 Code Board!

Thanks Mark for the awesome Tello simulator missions! I’ll put direct links here for others that would like to test in the future:

The 4x4 Grid

The Golden Arches

The Fence

Flying a 4x4 Square


Flying a Step Square

Flying a 4x4 Circle

Flying a 4x4 Bowtie

Love this visual of your beginner missions. I am hoping to quickly launch DroneBlocks with students this coming week. I am still slightly confused exactly how to best do this.

I am accumulating tutorials.

I’ll be launching for the first time with my students very soon as well. I’d love to hear your ideas! Feel free to contact me at or on Twitter @shskaercher

Pauline, please feel free to create a new forum post with some questions or asking for clarification on anything DroneBlocks related. We want to make sure we’re not somehow missing the mark as it relates to get you up and running. Thanks and Happy New Year!