Drone Blocks will not fly My Missions

Drone Blocks will not fly My Missions, Tello takes off and hovers indefinitely until abort mission is selected. Same issue with IOS, Android and Chrome App/Laptop on 2 Tello’s with current firmware on Tello’s and updated Apps on devices.

I can create and Launch Missions OK on all 3 devices but if I save the mission then select it from My Missions Tello just hovers in place. Same with any of the missions copied from the courses.

Have tried a several combos with the Wi-Fi dance (switch between Tello and Home Wi-Fi) as well as laptop (dual Wi-Fi) connected to both Tello and Home network. The saved My Mission(s) load in the app(s) and can edited and/or saved as another name but they don’t seem to execute on Tello when connected. If I then create the same mission on the fly it executes perfectly, for example a simple fly Box.

Tello App works OK on both IOS ands Android.

New to Drone Blocks, not sure what I’m doing wrong, any help appreciated. Kids are ready to start coding and already flying the simulator, want to turn them loose with the drones next. Would prefer they go thru the courses then create, simulator test and save their missions first…

Hi, thanks for the details feedback and it’s most likely due to the lighting in your environment or perhaps the floor is too reflective. Tello likes to “see” patterns beneath it so it can hold position. Are you flying over carpet or linoleum?

If I then create the same mission on the fly it executes perfectly, for example a simple fly Box.

I just noticed that statement. We will certainly give that a test, but judging from the consistent problems you’re having across different operating systems it really sounds like an external factor.

As a side note, just this morning we released a new Chrome version that will show the blocks highlighting as Tello executes its mission. iOS and Android should be available next week.

Keep us posted!

Thanks for the reply Dennis, finally sorted it out and all working great. Not sure exactly what the issue was but mostly it had to do with centimeters vs. inches it seems.

According to Tips for Coding Tello with Drone Blocks the minimum distance Tello will execute is 20cm which is the default value if you switch from Standard to Metric Units. I had selected Metric Units while using the simulator to verify the distances traveled and used the default values.

However our Tello’s do appear to work with the default value of 20cm for the most part (we have 2) but at the moment one seems to work more reliably. As it happens the reliable one has had it’s IMU re-calibrated. Will calibrate the other one today and see if that makes a difference…

Yes, the ambient light and floor also appear to make a significant difference, more so it seems if flying missions opposed to using the Tello app. Some conditions I notice Tello ‘drifts’ while hovering where others it’s stays in the same spot which is what lead us to cal the IMU again.

As mentioned new to Drone Blocks and still very much on the learning curve. So far it’s been great thanks to the excellent courses! Looking forward to testing the new Chrome version with blocks highlighting as Tello executes its mission, will answer some of the ‘what’s happening’ questions we have during a mission for sure:-/

You are right about lighting having less of an impact when manually flying with the Tello app. The autonomous flight with DroneBlocks definitely requires Tello to “see” better. We’ve observed this behavior as well. Today we just released block highlighting for the simulator. iOS is under review and Android is in development. Thanks for the feedback and best of luck with your future flights.