Camera function not working on Android 12

I am not able to take pictures with Tello on the Droneblocks app on Android 12 (it used to work before the update), The Tello app works fine for both photo and video.

I did try reinstalling the Droneblocks app, and allowed all permissions. When I check the app it says media allowed.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so has anyone found a fix.

Thanks Dan

Dan, thanks for reporting this issue. Our team will look into it. What Android hardware are you using?

Hi Dennis,

It’s a Samsung S21, Android Version 12

FYI we have a new Samsung S21 arriving later this week or early next. We are unable to reproduce on Android 10 so I bet you’re right. Something in Android 12 has caused this. Will report something back to you asap.

Dan, please give this a try:

You’ll need to uninstall your existing version of DroneBlocks and the install the version above.

Let us know how it goes.