City Simulator Map

As the students explore the city in the v2.0 Simulator, we have been working on a map of the city, highlighting various businesses as destinations for their missions. Here’s a Google Slideshow with some map details. Hope you find it helpful. Feel free to copy, edit, and share!

This is great stuff, Mark! We should have the measuring capability released in the next 2 weeks and we’ll be able to program missions to fly to all these city destinations with ease. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds good Dennis. In a way, it’s almost better not to have the tools, as it forces the students to do some trial & improvement. But the measuring tools will allow for some great calculation opportunities and geometry integration.

Looks great. As a group that is working on flight maps, ( DJI flight map, arUco maps, She maps, and now Robolink ZUMI city maps ) This will be handy. We are printing our maps at a local banner store for about $60, and on shower curtain material at about $80. See our work on Youtube channel MECATX. Contact me at We are now working on moon image maps for the 2024 NASA landing on the moon. We will use the DJI Tello ( Robomaster TT ), Makerfire LiteBee Wind FM, and the Robolink ZUMI.

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Mark, how are you using the City simulator with your students? I’m looking for some activities that the students will find enjoyable…and maybe even learning something along the way as an added bonus! :slight_smile:

Check the post at the top of this thread. Students also coded missions that told a story. For example, one student flew the drone to the hospital to pick up some medicine, and then deliver it to the gas station to someone who was having a medical emergency.