Howdy from Eastern Colorado

I am a retired software design engineer.
I would like to be able to utilize the GO1 quadruped in some outdoor applications on my farm. I would like to learn more about its potential before purchasing the GO1 EDU package. I will likely need to use the databot device with it as well. I’ve studied the videos Mr. Baldwin has posted and have learned a lot from them but have a number of issues that are not quite clear in my mind. I will be needing to ask some fairly basic questions.

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Welcome! We’re here to help out and learn from each other so feel free to ask. Please be sure to create separate posts for each question. It will make things easier to manage. BTW if you want to take a look at some rviz stuff (without needing to have the actual hardware) I just published this tutorial.

Hello We ared in rural Texas and do some flying related to medical uses in rural areas. Also some data management for RFID/NFC tags and cards for logging etc. We use the arduino and stream into Excel for plotting. We have many video’s on Youtube channel MECATX. You can contact met at I Also asam retired from the US. Army and spent several tours of duty in Colorado, Ft. Carson and Fitzsimons Army hospital. We are mostly interested in rural medi8cal uses, mapping, etc. We have fleets of drones of various sizes including about a dozen Robomaster for swarm flying, oUr largest drone size for this type of work is the Autel Evo 2 with the live deck. We are also using GMRS radio nets along with the drone swarms… Good luck and please contact us. We do mostly STEM mentor5ing of youth.