Coding Function Options with Spark

I have a new iPad mini and have just started to run DJI Blocks with my Spark. I notice that there aren’t as many function options as with the TelloBlocks. For example, there is a curve function with TelloBlocks that isn’t available when I tried it this morning with DJI Blocks and Spark. Also, the x,y,z options are gone with the “fly to” function. Could you explain why there are fewer functions?
Also, can the DJI Blocks be used with any DJI product such as the Mavic or Phantom?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Good question and a tough one at the same time! Unfortunately the DJI SDK only gives us basic options like flying to a GPS coordinate. So we’re able to get the drone’s current location and with a fly_forward block then calculate the destination coordinate. It’s a bit different than Tello where we can tell it to fly forward 100 cm and it does exactly that. With DJI we have to internally plan a mission and send discrete coordinates to the flight controller. There’s no reason why would couldn’t implement some of the features you’re asking about.

We could certainly add a “fly to” option for DJI aircraft. I’m curious what you would consider the most desirable next block to have in the “Navigation” category. Would it be this fly to x, y, z block or something else? I’d be happy to talk to the team about it.