Curve block not working for some students

We are using the block editor in the classroom. The issue is that for some students the script stops executing on the curve block and does not proceed. The drone does not fly the curve block command but remains hovering. I had this issue at times with the “fly to” block as well, but not as frequent as with the curve block. Any suggestions?

The curve block can be finicky based on the inputs you provide. Tello may ignore the command because the radius is too small or too big. Any chance you can share a mission that fails? I can help you troubleshoot and hopefully shed some light on the problem. For the fly xyz block keep in mind that there is a minimum of 20cm and maximum of 500cm for each axis. I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on, but wanted to mention. In the future we’ll do a better job of error handling and provide feedback directly in DroneBlocks.

Here are some examples of the curve block which did not work:


Richard, can you let me know what system your class is running DroneBlocks on? I just tested on iOS and Chrome (ran 5-6 tests) with no problems. I used my Robomaster TT with the curve block just for reference. I’m wondering if there may be an environmental issue (lighting) that may be at play.

Chrome Test:

iOS Test:


I believe I figured it out. The values I saw on your website for the curve block were not big enough for us as you used inches and my students used cm. Once we doubled the values 50 → 100cm etc, it seem to work,

Thanks for your help,

Good catch, Richard. I had not even noticed the units issue. That always tends to burn me. The SDK documentation states that if the radius is too small (< 50cm) then the command will be ignored. Nice work!

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