Tello drone does not execute navigation

Hi, I am connected to a Tello drone through the Chrome extension, and I can get it to takeoff, do flips, and land. But I cannot get it to execute any navigation commands. When I put a “fly forward/rt/lf/bck” it just hovers. Same for the Curve xyz command. The “Abort” button also works, thankfully.

Hi syoung,
problably you have the same problem like:

Further tests have gotten the drone to do the curve, but only by using values over 50 cm for X & Y. The Z values we initially left at “0” but it seemed to work better if Z1= 20 & Z2 = -20. Go figure. It seems if the values are too low, it will not execute them, and we were working in a small room. Still playing with it.

Centimeters are the better units to use because they require larger values, which the Tello drone seems to want to work with.

Thanks for reporting this. We could certainly do a better job of providing feedback to the user if distances are too short or too long for Tello to execute. I will talk to the team about this for a future release.