DroneBlocks Desktop (Beta) 0.1.5 for Mac and Windows with Mission Pad Support

This version of DroneBlocks Desktop brings improvements in video streaming and mission pads with Tello EDU and Tello Talent drones. We have been testing a Mac version that we’re releasing today as well.

In the next couple of weeks we will be adding a tabbed interface so you can have multiple missions open at once. We will also be working to bringlogin capabilities so you can save your missions to the cloud and access your missions already created from the DroneBlocks Chrome, iOS, and Android apps.

Keyboard control is available when you go to full screen mode. Here are the key mappings:

  • T = takeoff
  • W = fly up
  • A = yaw left
  • S = yaw right
  • D = fly down
  • I = fly forward
  • J = fly left
  • K = fly backward
  • L = fly right
  • SPACE = land

If you want to try some flips (battery must be > 50%) using the arrow keys.

Here are the download links and please post any feedback in this thread. Thanks and we hope you enjoy!

DroneBlocks Desktop 0.1.5 for Mac

DroneBlocks Desktop 0.1.5 for Windows

Hi, good to see this app. Is it possible to take photos or videos in this app? Thanks.

Hi Jeremy, yes you can see from the image below there are camera block options for taking photos and recording video. Then on the right side of the app there is a photo icon and video recording icon. These can be used to click the buttons to take photos and record video at any time.

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your reply. I can see the blocks and icons okay.

My question is:
When I clicked the icons or ran the blocks, I was told “File Saved Successfully” but I can’t see any photos or videos on my computer. Are they in a specific location or it didn’t work for me?


Back with an update!

This version is working exceedingly well for us!

A few minor things we have noticed:

  • Caps Lock being activated prevents the keyboard controls from working. A minor issue but it sometimes affects younger students’ success.

  • Space bar seems to close full screen as well as landing the drone. This may be intended but it has caused some confusion for students.

  • The scroll bar seems to constantly refresh leading to changing viewport size.

  • Buttons only load icons when connected to the internet when opening the app. They’re still functional but they fall back to the text options.

  • When using a touchscreen device like the Surface Gos, students can not type into the Droneblocks fields.

  • Occasionally if a drone has to be reconnected to the computer it will automatically launch with the previous code. This could be a potential safety issue.

Everything has been very smooth so far as flight goes. We have had some requests for Bluetooth controller support but I know you all are working on the virtual sticks right now.

Thank you so much for the great feedback and troubleshooting. We have a new release coming out next week that has a bunch of updates as well as fixes for several of the items your class discovered. I will post an update soon. Have a great weekend.

Check it out and thanks again for the great test feedback… DroneBlocks Desktop 0.1.6 for Win and Mac with Mission Tabs and Storage

Love having the windows option! I have one issue with one laptop that won’t connect to the Tello. It will connect to the WiFi signal, but inside Droneblocks, the Tello does not show up as connected. We have tried removing all versions of Droneblocks and then downloading the newest version and we still can’t get it to connect :frowning: As soon as we try on a different windows laptop it works fine! Is there a setting I could look for? I’ve tried connecting to WiFi and then launching the app, and I’ve tried launching the app and then connecting to WiFi. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

will this version ever come to chromebook? Have camera and pad support would open up a lot of things.