DroneBlocks Desktop 0.1.6 for Win and Mac with Mission Tabs and Storage

We are getting closer to being out of beta! DroneBlocks for Win and Mac 0.1.6 includes the following updates:

  • Tabbed interface for having multiple missions open at once
  • Login for creating, retrieving, and deleting missions
  • Fix for virtual sticks not working with caps lock (thanks @jleonard128)
  • Fix for photo/video icons not showing properly
  • Don’t exit full screen when spacebar is pressed (thanks again @jleonard128)
  • Ability to save missions when offline (aka when connected to Tello)
  • Ability to abort missions while in the air

For offline storage to work you must load your list of missions when connected to the internet. This will initialize offline storage. After that you should be able to save missions while offline.

Please share any feedback and wish list items and thanks for all the testing!

Win download:

Mac download:

BTW someone reported that when a mission is complete the “Abort” mission button does not switch back to Launch. It gets stuck. A simple workaround is to click the “Abort” button and it should toggle back to the launch button. We will get this resolved in the next release.

Good question. The UI library that we’re using switches to the three line icon (aka “hamburger”) when sized to less than 1024px. If you maximize DroneBlocks do you still see the three lines? What is your hardware and operating system?

Just downloaded the Mac 0.1.6 version and the About dialog still reports version 0.1.5. Can anyone else confirm?

That should not impact the functionality. Was a simple oversight when we packaged up the DroneBlocks Mac version. We did post an update with this corrected:

Thanks for pointing it out.

Thank you for the update. It look like when you do an abort, the program will stop and the drone will land, but when you start the mission again the mission will start where you did the abort at instead of starting from the beginning of the code each time.

When I maximize the screen the three lines turned into menu. That worked great

Nice discovery and that’s not good! We’ll get it addressed asap in our next release.Thanks for reporting it.

First test: tello edu takesoff, lands, performs hexagonal route with repeat, but does not run take photo and start/stop video

Hi Luigi please post a screenshot of your mission code. This will help us troubleshoot the issue. Also, please check your Documents/Pictures/DroneBlocks folder. That’s where photos and video should be saved.

Hi, we have just downloaded the Beta version and it looks great. We are in Australia and liked having the ability to set to metric units. Will this be part of the Windows version? Also, is there a way to export missions to test in the simulator? I can see that you can save mission but would like the ability to share missions. How often will updates be communicated and is this the best place to find them?

love the desktop version!

3 notes:

  1. if the tello needs an extra second to balance itself, either from a small wind gust or an uneven surface it’s hovering over, the code continues onward activating the next block but the tello won’t perform the command since it’s “busy”. this often leads to missed and skipped commands in an autonomous string. this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem on the chrome extension version.
  2. we’re able to stream video and control the tello, but can’t see telemetry data and wifi connection status icon shows as red. not sure how we can get “more” connected.
  3. if we lose connection, e.g. - battery pops out, when we reconnect the wifi the controls reconnect but the video livestream doesn’t reconnect. we have to close and reopen the whole software to get that back.

thank you!

  1. We could add an internal delay between commands if that will help. Or try using the Navigation > Hover block and see if that helps improve reliability.

  2. Weird! We haven’t heard this report yet but can certainly look into it. Can you try 0.1.8 and see if it exhibits the same problem? DroneBlocks-Desktop-Win_0.1.8_11072022.zip

  3. Not good. We’ll work to get this sorted out.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I see that the Mac App Store has a version of Mac Droneblocks but ONLY for M1 Macs!

Will this be fixed soon?