Droneblocks Simulator v2 (City env) loading stops at 90%


I’m new to the forum and I have an issue when trying to use the Simulator V2 with my work laptop.

Facts :

  • The droneblocks v1 simulator works fine on my work computer.
  • The droneblocks v2 simulator - Minimal Environment works fine on my work computer.
  • The droneblocks v2 simulator - City Environment does not work on my work computer.

The simulators work fine with my droneblocks account + a personal laptop

On my work laptop, I tried different things with unfortunately the same results: different web browsers (Chrome, Chrome with incognito mode, Firefox, Edge), VPN off. clearing cache…
In City Environment: loading progress stops at 90%
Cf attached screen capture https://postimg.cc/Fd9Fhbpw

The IT support team of my company asked me to contact you.
CGI is a 80.000 members company. We recently led STEM workshops for thousands of young people through our CSR program, mainly in schools. We really want to offer an original experience with programmable drones, remotely or in person. First, across Quebec and Canada. Our STEM volunteers use their work laptops. So, before buying more licenses and moving forward, we need this issue to be fixed and ensure we can use droneblocks v2 simulator (City Environment) with our work laptop.

How can I help you to solve this problem quickly?

Thank you for your support

Sorry to hear this is happening. Not sure what’s going. One thing to check is your browser console. Can you post a screenshot of the console when the sim stops at 90%? You can get to your console by following the steps in this article:

Let us know and we’ll work to help you get this resolved.

Hi @dbaldwin ,
I hope this requested can help :

I think I see the problem but before we head down the rabbit trail of debugging can you try the following?

Open the drone simulator in a private or incognito window and login.

Do you still see the sim stop loading at 90%?

A confirmation with a screenshot ::frowning:

I’m curious if the following link works for you. It’s one of our development systems and it will only be available temporarily:


The project was built differently than how we normally do, which means that the CPU performance will be pretty bad. But curious if this works at all. If it does then it will give us some indication of where the breakdown is occurring. This is the first time we’ve ever run into this problem and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a configuration issue with your work computer. But we’ll continue to investigate.

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WOW ! You found the issue.

Even with my company VPN, it seems OK.

@dbaldwin, I asked colleagues from across Canada to try the simulator: they all have the same issue (90% and nothing). If it’s a corporate setup, I’m afraid we can’t change anything in our laptop configuration.

Do you think you can update the droneblocks simulator in production? Soon? :slight_smile:

This is just a proof of concept right now as we can’t push this change out to production. It’s a bit of a technical challenge, but what I put on our dev server requires more CPU to render/run. This will be a problem for many of our users running on ChromeBooks. So we’re having conversations with our optimization engineer to see if she can help us find a balance. We are getting ready to roll out a new Mars environment and I’d like to have you test that to see if you run into problems. I will share a link soon, but in the meantime you can continue to use the dev link I provided.