Can't open My Missions in OS & PC apps

Can’t open My Missions in OS & PC apps; works fine on Chromebook. Please advise.

Can you elaborate a bit more please? The screenshot you’re showing are missions from the desktop app. Are you wanting to open these somewhere else?

Yes. This screenshot is from the Desktop App.
The programs were either created in the desktop app or in the droneblocks simulator.
None of them will open.

Will you please take a screenshot of a mission that opens in its original form and post it here? That will help us debug the issue. I know we have an issue with the loop block not being compatible across platforms and maybe that’s the problem here. Or maybe there’s something else going on. Thanks.

I went back to the same page and link. This time my download was 0.1.21
When I created a program in the App (0.1.21), sent it to the Simulator and back, it opened.
When I created a program in the Simulator, sent it to the App, it opened.
I believe the problem I was having must have been an effect of the 0.1.18, which I downloaded from the same link a few days ago, but evidently now has been updated to the 0.1.21, which solves the problem. Thank you for your insight.

No problem. Thanks for your testing and patience. Let us know if you stumble across anything else.