DroneBlocks Requests?


Still loving DroneBlocks so I just wanted to drop some notes that we have found in our use of them:

  • Start and Stop Motors seem to confuse students and when they try to use them they seem to break their code and prevent missions from launching or continuing.

  • Logging seems to also prevent missions from proceeding

  • The high and low temperatures seem to be swapped

  • It could be nice for teachers to have an easy way to see the error responses from the drones to help with troubleshooting

Still loving the program and can’t wait to see what you have coming up next!

Thanks as always for the great feedback. Give us a couple days to process this and I’ll get back to you with what we’ll get into our next desktop release.

@jleonard128 we’ve released DroneBlocks v1.0.5 which includes a fix for the logging and the high/low temperatures. If you use the logging feature please keep in mind the log file is stored in your Pictures folder. Something we’ll need to fix in the future.

Regarding start/stop motors we are looking into a fix. But basically if the motors are stopped and you use a stop motors block it will cause an internal error. The same for starting the motors when they are already running. So if the motors are spinning you can issue stop motors command and it should allow you to proceed.

Regarding error responses we are discussing a way to enable this for troubleshooting purposes. Will share when I know more.