Edu prone to unexpected rotation behavior -- experiences?

I have 15 students flying in a gym. When executing code, many students experience odd execution of their code resulting in irregular flight behavior. They are flying their drones on mainly iphones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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sorry but we are having very similar issues. we have tried
(1) changing the course by putting more “objects” on the floor to help the tello locate itself.
(2) shutting off all firewalls and cannot seem to fix the issue.
(3) using 1 drone at a time
sometimes the drones follow the code, sometimes they skip steps, and sometimes they fly erratically.
we are stumped and it’s a real hindrance…

This issue typically boils down to two problems;

  1. Low Light: Tello’s performance is completely dependent on the amount of ambient light in the area. If the floor is too dark the drones’s sensors have a hard time figuring our where they are in the space.

  2. Reflective Flooring: The other major issue is flooring which highly reflective (for example a freshly polished gym floor). The drone’s sensors will again get confused and not be able to determine its position.

With all that being said, from our experience drones perform extraordinarily well in a carpeted area that is very well lit.