Most nodes are skipped upon launching mission with no consistency

Hi, I am currently testing some Tello drones with basic commands in Drone Blocks with little success. Upon activating a mission, the only node to consistently work is take off. I tried running the same block about 10 times without changing anything (aside from placing the drone in the center of the room before running each time), and each run had completely different results. The drone would sometimes just hover after take off, sometimes it would execute the second node (which was fly up 20 inches), it never completed the third node (flip forward), and sometimes it wouldn’t execute the land node (the mission usually had to be aborted). When running through these nodes, there were some attempts where each node will be highlighted as the code attempted to execute with some commands being followed by the drone and others not being registered, but other times it just stayed stuck after the first or second node. I have since tried a variety of node combinations and have tried using the Drone Blocks app on a Chromebook, iPad, Samsung tablet, and iPhone as well as trying a different Tello drone, but each mission attempt and different device has been met with the same varying success.

Thanks for the thorough description. My bet is there’s some environmental factor at play. What does your floor look like and how is your lighting? Tello needs to be able to “see” with some reasonable amount of success to be able to programmatically respond to commands. If your floor is reflective without much variation in pattern it could lead to this behavior. Would you be willing to share a photo of your flying environment? Or at the very least perhaps you could try another area and see if you get different results.


Thanks for the reply, I tried flying over patterned carpet and it seems to work fine now. I had been flying over a plain waxed concrete floor before, so I do believe you are correct and the issue was environmental. Thanks for the help!

Oh that’s great to hear. Thanks for closing the loop on this and best of luck with your future flights!