Example of using simulator to craft and test mission code

Last evening a couple of my more advanced students and I worked on this cell tower inspection code. I required them to use variables, loops and logic to accomplish their vision as opposed long coding. They wrestled with it for couple of hours, using the simulator to craft and test their hypotheses. Now that they have the basic structure down, they will add in camera shots at each of the transition points using an iOS app. They also plan to curve out at the top and complete four passes of this pattern around the structure. Should be very cool once complete.


This is really cool. It would be incredible if you could get some video of the drone flying this pattern around the obstacle when it’s all said and done. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @dbaldwin. We will make that happen. I will also send you the photos captured from the drone during the mission, which might be useful. There are a few more details to work out such as creating a new X variable so that the drone “angles” in as its flying the zigzag pattern up. More coolness.