DroneBlocks Chrome App Now Supports Keyboard Control for Tello and Tello Talent Drones

Since Chrome users that are programming their Tello drones are normally on desktop computers such as Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs we have introduced keyboard control. Using your WASD and IJKL keys you can fly Tello with your keyboard and it’s incredibly fun to do so! The steps are simple:

  • Open the DroneBlocks Chrome App
  • Connect to Tello or Tello Talent’s WiFi network
  • After connecting you’ll click the Keyboard Control button
  • Read the instructions and click Takeoff
  • Fly with your keyboard and have fun!

Here is a screenshot that shows how the keyboard maps to Tello flight control:

You can download DroneBlocks 3.6 with Tello keyboard control at the link below:

DroneBlocks - Chrome Web Store (google.com)

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