Sharing code issue in Chrome browser

When a student shares their block code with me, and it contains LED code, the Droneblocks chrome app will not load the code. It comes in as a bunch of single lines and not everything. I have even opened the app in advance and set the drone type before trying to load the shared code. This has made it impossible to see my students code issues without going to their computer.

Any suggestions?

Seth, can you share more about the workflow please? Your student shares their drone mission from what device? You are trying to open it on your desktop through a standard web browser? What happens when you access this Tello Talent LED mission example:

You should see something like below…

If you don’t see that Tello Talent LED mission please post a screenshot so we can take a look. Thanks!


I could open your code fine. Try to open my link below and see what you get.
The code was created on a Mac using Chrome extensions. I watched as the student saved the mission and then did a share to copy the link. I have the same issue with every student in the class.

So any idea what the issue is? Something with the share?


I think I see the issue now. It could be that you’re using an older version of the DroneBlocks Chrome App. A simple fix would be to uninstall and reinstall it, but let me explain to be clear. Here is your mission that loads successfully:


Notice that the url has tello_talent.html in it? This is what mine looks like when I access that url:

Now the problem is with older versions of the Chrome App that don’t share the proper url (tello vs tello_talent). When you click share you should see tello_talent.html in the popup as highlighted in the following screen:

Once again. Try uninstalling and reinstalling and let us know if that works. If it doesn’t we’ll take it from there.

Thanks Dennis. Now I need to get the students to update their versions so that we can save the code properly to share. A shame I start a new group after next week.

Just so I’m clear here. You shouldn’t lose any work. You can save whatever the students have created today. Then update the version. Then that code will work in the updated version.

Yup, I got it. Was even able to open their code by modifying the address.

Thanks for confirming and appreciate you bringing this to our attention!