Sharing links and strange behaviour

Hi Dennis,

As discussed and shown on the facebook page the links below are behaving strangely when I click on them.

On first click the browser will open with the code bunched up in the top left hand corner, when I centre the they appear in the centre but still bunch up.

When I pull them apart the can be seen but have no connections.

The next part is even stranger.

When I click another link the previous screen appears with the previous code, but it is not bunched up, it will appear separated, sometimes the code will not appear, sometimes you cannot move the side bars and finally if you have several browers windows open, the previous code will show not the one you have just clicked.

I am using Windows and testing on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Here are the links in question







Thanks for pointing this out, Jas. You helped us discover a bug although I don’t have a good way to address it just yet. The problem stems from photo blocks in your missions while we don’t have that capability in Chrome yet. I’ve found a temporary around it by changing the url from tello.html to ios.html since in iOS we do have the camera blocks. I’ve modified your links by changing tello.html to ios.html and I can see all of the mission code.

Let me know if you can get these to load and let me talk with the team about what we can do in the interim.

His Dennis,

Just did a few test and the links appear fine on my PC, however, there seems to be an issue on the simulator when you open the code up with a camera event on, the mission code does not appear. The work around I will do will this is being fixed is to say to the kids not to use the camera or photo function for now and will wait for an update.

This should help with the future codes sent to me.

If you want any testing or ideas let me know as keen to help you guys as will help the kids in poor countries to learn.

The next big game changer I feel is for the Drone Block Coding app to have the facility to share code as that were the demand is to learn Java / python coding.

I am working with my old company who are getting mobile companies to have my courses to be zero rated which means that kids in poor countries can access free of charge, have you thought of doing similar things where if people access your websites on mobile devices there is no data charges as this will be a big game changer in third world countries.

I can put you in touch with my peeps to see what we can do to have the possibility of having your website zero rated for mobile data and would be a good partnership I think



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Jas, any suggestions on what we can do with the camera blocks in the simulator? In the short-term we can display them and let users know that they won’t work. That’s probably better than not having the mission display at all (because of an error) and confusing users.

I love the idea of zero-rated. I asked Dave to reach out to you and get the conversation going. Thanks for the tip!

No probs Dennis just glad to help you guys out.

Currently looking at the Indian market to teach coding which will be a game changer for me as that is where the money is and the lack of infrastructure in the poor villages.

I think the best option is to leave the camera in the simulator and I have advised my peeps to ignore for the time being. I will add the camera function to random codes sent by students to show what the drone is seeing.

have you thought of coding robots?

The reason I am asking is that I love your simulator and there is nothing out there that simulations of land robots. This would give kids the first conception of coding without worrying about 3 dimesions.

In addition to this the simulator code have obstacles and things it can do along the way. Just need a robot or mini computer.

I have worked with the BBC microbit in the UK and overseas and is a cheap popular product and uses Maker Makecode to carry out tasks, so I am considering to introduce this as my first lessons but without a simulator the wow factor is lost

Take care and speak soon


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