Drone block code does not show up on app in ipad

Drone block code does not show up on app in ipad

We have a course here that could potentially help you out:

But my guess is that you’re trying to load DroneBlocks after connecting to Tello. Since DroneBlocks requires a good network connection to download the blocks you may be experiencing a white screen. What you should do is the following:

  1. Close DroneBlocks

  2. Make sure you’re connected to a good network

  3. Open DroneBlocks and wait for the blocks to load

  4. Now you can connect to Tello and begin coding your drone

Let me know if that helps or not. Happy to help you get it sorted out.

It seams to me that I need to connect to the tello drone directly, only after I connect to Drone Blocks and do my programming. One then the other. Basically a programming environment, then a use environment. Does this work this way

You should still be able to program even after connecting to Tello. While you can modify your code after connecting to Tello you won’t be able to save it until you disconnect and have a valid network connection again. This limitation is due to the fact that we have to connect to Tello over WiFi. Are you using DroneBlocks on a desktop computer or mobile (iOS or Android)?