Robot Dogs in the Classroom Just Became Accessible!

In-Stock NOW at DroneBlocks! Educators can now introduce a mobile robotic dog equipped with cutting-edge technology into any K12 teaching environment, research, or development lab.

A light, compact, fast, and programmable robot dog designed for STEM education.

Travels at speeds of up to 10mph and can carry over 20lbs!
It has a robust but lightweight chassis that will resist shocks
All this while weighing just under 27lbs and measuring less than 2ft long.

Dive into Artificial Intelligence. The DroneBlocks Quadruped combines all the functionalities of the most sophisticated robotics systems with a discreet, agile profile, equipped with…

  • An On-board Rasberry Pi
  • 2 x Jetson Nanos + 1 Jetson NX
  • 5 x Sets of fish-eye stereo depth cameras
  • 3 x Sets of ultrasonic sensors

Programmability. Learn to code with one of the most sophisticated robots available to schools.

  • C++
  • Python
  • ROS
  • Node-RED

Interested in Lidar? Advanced 3D & 2D Lidar sensor attachments are also available to take your program to the next level.


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