Tello coded with Droneblocks will not fly

I’m unable to get Tello TLW004 to fly.
Appears in Wifi and Connects, on Launch, Takeoff highlights, nothing happens.
Firmware update needed? Option on a Chromebook or Win10 laptop? Other options?

Hi Rich, this most definitely sounds like a Tello firmware issue. Older versions of the firmware will follow a takeoff command, but then ignore everything after that. It’s quite annoying, but a firmware update should do the trick. Unfortunately, the only way to do an update is with the Tello app for iOS/Android. Maybe if your ChromeBook supports Play Store Apps you can do it that way. We have never tried so please report your findings if you go that route for updating Tello firmware.

We have the same issue but with iPads. The drone is connected with its Wifi,
the yellow/orange light is flashing, the code is simple
take off
go forward
we click launch
nothing happens
we have four brand new drones - nothing happens!

Hi @vickh,

It sounds like your firmware may need to be updated. This is a crucial step before using the DroneBlocks’ apps. You can watch the video below from our free Tello troubleshooting guide which will guide you step by step to updating the Tello drone’s firmware.