Sensor Data to Console

Hi all,
Can you use the sensor code blocks in the app to write the Tello flight data to the console. I have played with the blocks a little but nothing comes to the console. Any tips or tricks or do I need the databot? Thanks, Kylie

UPDATE: I am getting it to print to console after a firmware update however I want to access some real time logging. Any thoughts on how to do this?

What I normally do is enable sensor logging at the beginning of my mission and then disable at the end. The data will be written to a file stored in your Documents/DroneBlocks or Pictures/DroneBlocks folder (IIRC). You can then use that raw data to do some processing. If you’re trying to access it realtime we don’t really have a great way at this point in time.

Thank you for that! I had tried the start and stop logging but not located where the log file went. Can you clarify what the ‘a’ stands for the ‘agx’, ‘agy’ and ‘agz’ column stands for please? I’m sure it is something obvious sorry!

EDIT: Guessing it is acceleration on each pane. When I get the log data though my data for x, y and z are all -100 even though the drone moves on all three panes. Any thoughts?