Abort Option in DroneBlocks Code?

We are new to using DroneBlocks Code (for a middle school classroom) and are looking for a way to abort a mission in DroneBlocks Code. We found the “Abort” button in DroneBlocks but can’t seem to find one in DroneBlocks Code. Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi @adrienneg may I ask on what platform you’re running DroneBlocks code?

@dbaldwin We are running it on Windows 11

@dbaldwin Just wanted to check in to see if there’s any update on this. We have a drones class tomorrow and my students really want to use DroneBlocks Code, but we need to have an Abort option in place before they do. Thank you!

At first I thought there wasn’t an abort button, but I wasn’t testing with Tello connected. You can see it here:

I’m wondering if this is related to the other issue you were having with the potential firewall problem? I’ll talk with the team and see if we can come up with any ideas on why you’re not seeing it.

When you connect to Tello and launch a mission does it follow any of the commands after the takeoff? Are you seeing any of the telemetry up top such as battery, altitude, etc? If you’re not seeing those and Tello does take off then I highly suspect it’s an issue with incoming messages from Tello to the computer running DroneBlocks Code.

@dbaldwin Thanks for the follow up! After following the instructions in the firewall video you sent, it does show the Tello connected, we do get the telemetry data, and the Tello does follow the commands as written. However, we do not at any point see the “Abort Mission” button appear. Thanks in advance for looking into this! I have some students who really want to use DroneBlocks Code, but with multiple Tellos in play in the classroom, being able to Abort Mission is critical. Thanks!

Okay let me get back to you after some further testing.

I’m curious if you’re using the version from this download link:

Which is version 1.3.1. I just tested with my Tello EDU and see the abort button. I was also able to abort the mission successfully:

Hi @dbaldwin that is the download link we used. However, we did the download and install on Sept 12 and it looks like we have v1.2. Is there a way to update the software without going through the whole download/install/firewall process again? It took quite a while to do for every student, would love to not have to repeat it. Thanks!