Export code from Codeblocks

Can the code be exported from Droneblocks on an iPad? I’d like to be able to export to another iPad (via email).

You can share missions by clicking on the share button in your Missions list. Copy that link and either email or message it to your other iPad. Another option is to save the mission and then login from your other iPad to access it.

Below is an example of the share feature in DroneBlocks. You’ll want to copy the “iPad Share Link” and not the desktop one. Let us know if you have any problems!

Helpful, thank you.
Sending link from iPad to iPhone via email, the app opens on the iPhone, but no project appears. The programme was made public on the iPad.
Obviously missing something???

Thanks for the heads up on this. Let us run a test and get back to you.

@paul_rayner you’ve found a bug in our code. We will have this fixed tomorrow and then submitted to the App Store to get it fixed. Stay tuned and thanks so much for letting us know about this!

@paul_rayner FYI the new version of DroneBlocks is live. This has a bug fix for sharing your drone code. It also has support for the new Robomaster Tello Talent with LED control. Please test and let me know if you run into any problems. Thanks for reporting this!

Seems to work fine. Thanks for sorting out the fix.

No problem. Thanks for confirming!