Connected but, won't launch

Hello, I am using an ipad to code basic commands on drone blocks and when I click “launch mission” nothing happens. The camera is on, the battery power shows in the app, and if I pick up the drone and move it around, that registers live in the app in real time, I see a blinking green light but, when I launch, the drone doesn’t move. I click abort mission and try again but, to no avail. Any advice?

Okay that’s strange as you have all the signs of a successful launch. Can you connect with the Tello app and make sure you have the latest firmware? One other thing that comes to mind is if the Tello is new you may have to “activate” it. It’s one time deal that happens in the Tello app before you can use DroneBlocks to program it. Let us know what you find out. We’re here to help you get it resolved.

I just experienced a similar issue. I had student groups working with six drones. Only one group was able to get their mission to actually launch. A few groups were not able to get a connection in DroneBlocks, even though the iPad settings showed that the drone was connected. Other groups successfully connected via DroneBlocks but the drone wouldn’t launch. The red “Abort Mission” even showed up, but the drone never spun up.

Drone firmware is up to date. I tested two of the drones with student iPads this morning and had all three of the issues occur depending on the iPad/drone combination. I used my personal iPad and both drones worked fine. I’m considering uninstalling and re-installing DroneBlocks on the student iPads.

I don’t have the latest firmware according to the Tello app and that is what I am concerned about. It will not update the firmware. It starts and then stays at 0%