Tello edu drone variably flies a same programme

Several Tello Edu Drones we tested with Droneblocks on various devices. The latest firmware of the Tello Edu Drone/ Droneblocks app has been downloaded. When we program the drone, sometimes the code executes correctly, other times it does not. Then the device lands halfway through the programming. How can this be resolved?

I’m seeing the same thing, trying to drive a single TT from a Win11 machine at the front of the classroom. That machine is housed in a metal kiosk with an ethernet connection and takes a very long time to acquire the drone when I establish the wifi connection. If I program a simple loop of

Take off
Repeat 3 times
yaw_right 60 degrees

The drone variably turns twice and lands, takes off and lands without turning, or doesn’t take off. All flights originate approximately 8 feet from the computer. Although the Win11 network control panel shows the connection to the TT, the wifi icon in the droneblocks interface doesn’t show green. A SurfacePro running Win11, held about 3 feet from the drone origin, is much more consistent.


The described behavior can happen when Tello is unable to position itself in the space. Tello utilizes a vision position sensor which can be impacted by reflections or low light conditions. We recommend flying in a well-lit space and avoiding reflective flooring when possible. Are you able to test flying in a different area?


Hi Duncan,

In regards to the Wifi icon not displaying green when connected, this indicates an issue with the Windows firewall. We have a video linked here that walks through how to allow DroneBlocks on the local firewall. You may need to involve your school’s IT department depending on restrictions.