Tello Talent LED and WiFi

When I have the LED attached to the Talent (plugged in lights showing) and then choose Drone type Tello Talent in DroneBlocks I cannot see the drone in the WiFi. If I unplug the LED the drone shows in WiFi.

Can you help me? I obviously need the drone to link via wifi when the LED is plugged in and powered on.

When you connect the LED expansion module to Tello Talent it will broadcast a different network. Instead of looking for TELLO-123456 SSID you will see something like RMTT-9AFF2A (as an example). Just look for RMTT and that’s the Tello Talent network you need to connect to. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

Thank you. Does the new RMTT network follow the drone or the LED? If that LED is moved to a different drone what will happen?

I want to label my drones…

@kkaemingk That is a good question. While I only have one TT drone so I cannot test it, my understanding is that the RMTT-ABC network is associated with the drone and enabled if you include the LED expansion module. So the LED expansion module is the key, but the network is associated with the drone.

If anyone knows differently, please let us know.

I have done more testing and the WiFi ID follows the LED. Each LED has that identifier in small font on the back of the LED. I should have looked more carefully before I asked the question.


That’s correct Karl. The module inside the TT expansion board is an ESP32 which has it’s own bluetooth and wifi capabilities. We are in the process of authoring a new course that goes into detail on how to program it with Arduino studio as well as connect various sensors.

Thank you for the follow up - I stand corrected.