Tello Talent no longer exposing its SSID

I have been using this Tello for months with no problem. Not using the expansion module – just the basic Tello so I guess it’s like an ordinary EDU model.

I am using software on my Mac to connect to the Drone (through Arduino) and this relies on a SSID being published. All of a sudden, there is no SSID anymore in my Mac’s list of networks.

Other Tellos I have behave normally and expose their WiFi SSID.

I suspect a hardware failure but can’t be sure. Without a WiFi connection to the Tello, all of the Ryze/DJI reset options are not applicable. I did do the simple WiFi reset of pressing and holding the Tello power button while the yellow LED is blinking but this did nothing. The LED blinking startup sequence appears normal and settles on the blinking yellow state but no SSID is shown

Anyone experience this before?

If I do attach the expansion module, the RMTT SSID does appear for the Tello but not the TELLO-ABCDEF type SSID that I was seeing before when the expansion module is disconnected.

Anyone have a sneaky USB cable connection method to reload the firmware? Might have a dud now that is useful for parts I guess.