Thank You Video

The Miami County Foundation and the Newton Local School Board purchased the STEAM Drones curriculum for my students and I in the summer of 2019. At the end of our first semester with the course, we made a Thank You video for our kind benefactors. The students each had a letter or the exclamation point which they programmed using either DroneBlocks or Python - one student even programmed his using a Raspberry Pi computer, which were also purchased with the grant and by the board.

On the last day of class, the students used the Tello app and their cell phones to play with the drones in the gymnasium.

Because this has students and student names, I have not made this video public on YouTube. But if you’d like to see the video, send me an email (tshort at pagefillers dot com) and I’ll share the link with you. It’s about 5 minutes in length (though probably could be shorter.)

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Trina, thanks for emailing the video. Your students did a great job and I encourage others to reach out to see what your class is up to. Keep up the great work!