Connecting GO 1 Pro to ChatGPT using WiFi Adapter


In the YT video ChatGPT with Unitree Go1 Pro and Go1 a UBS WiFi adapter such as this one is required (link) I’ve ordered the adapter but haven’t received it yet. I assume that you connect to ChatGPT using the adapter and ChatGPT uses the same adapter to send commands to the GO 1. Am I missing anything? If this is correct, are there any special settings (ports) required?


Good question. It doesn’t matter which adapter you use for which task, but let me explain my default setup.

My built-in wireless adapter is normally used to get my computer online. This will be the adapter that the sample code uses to connect to the ChatGPT API:

The 2nd adapter (USB adapter you purchased from Amazon):

will be used to connect to Go1’s network when you power it on. So when you’re having a conversation with ChatGPT API using the example code it will use the first adapter. When a response comes back from the API and the Go1-JS code is invoked it will send commands to Go1 over the 2nd adapter.

Hope that makes sense!

Yes, it all makes sense. Once I receive the adapter – hopefully tomorrow – I will give it a try. Thanks!!!

@Kamehana were you able to get up and running?

@ dbalwin Unfortunately I have not been able to get it up and running on my Apple laptop due to compatibility issues with the portable WiFi device. I don’t know if anyone has a recommendation for a USB wifi device that is compatible with a Macbook Pro 2021. Alternatively, I may need to dust off my Surface Pro 4 and use it as a last resort.

Any luck? I tried to help out and get my adapter running on my Mac. The same one I used in the tutorial vids which works great on PC:

Unfortunately for Mac it requires a driver that I can’t seem to download. It’s hilarious because in the product description they say to download the drivers from the url in one of the product images. I’ve tried a dozen different ways of typing it in and I still can’t access. I’ll let you know what I figure out, but it would be nice to have a USB wifi adapter that plays nicely with Mac.

Yes, it would be great to have an adapter that plays nicely with Mac. I’m still looking for one. I’d be very curious to know if you figure something out. Thanks,