Remove program from Tello drone


This information occurred before I go involved with DroneBlocks:

I have written many Python programs on my Tello drone.
I am using my personal computer and the cv2 file.
One of the programs is named “Take a Picture”.

This program will perform the “tello.streamon()” and use the
“img = tello.get_frame_read().frame” so that the Tello drone
can take a picture which is called “img”.

After it takes the picture, then it will reduce the size of
the picture “img” to 240 by 360 pickles using the following
“img = cv2.resize(img, (360, 240))” in its program. The cv2
represents the use of the Opencv file. Now the picture is in
memory and the program needs to write the picture to the disk.

The program will write the program to the source
disk file and to give it the name of “picture.png” and it
does this by using the “cv2.imwrite(picture.png, img)”.
It writes the picture on to the disk as picture.png.

The program needs to show me the reduced picture on the
console screen. The picture is shown and the program will
wait for 5 seconds and then it will destroy the picture
that is on the console by using “cv2.destroyAllWindows()”.

All of this works on my personal computer; however, when
I use the DroneBlocks I need to use my cell phone which
is a Samsung Note 9 cell phone. I go into another room
that is away from my personal computer.

Own my cell phone, I bring up the DroneBlocks and set
the variables to perform the following. The variables are:
“takeoff”, “hover 5 seconds”, “yaw right 90 degrees”, and
“land”. I make sure to wait for the connect to Tello and
to make sure that the battery percentage is shown.

I press the “launch mission” and I quickly get the picture.pgn
showing on my screen. The picture is reduced and it never goes
away. I also get the DroneBlocks message of “Abort Mission”.

I check the DroneBlocks files and the picture.png is installed.
The time stamp on the file is perfect and the picture is correct.

I can push the picture.png off of the screen and run the
DroneBlocks file, so that the Tello will perform the functions
that were defined. After the Tello performs the functions,
I will press the “launch mission” again. The Tello will perform
the functions in the air. I pressed “launch mission” for 8 times.
Every thing is working; however, I no longer get the picture. The
picture shows up only on the first request to “launch mission”.

To avoid this picture problem, I have gone to the personal computer
and loaded another Python program, that simple goes into the air and
lands. I was hoping that the picture would go away now that I had
put a different program into my Tello. However, I ran the DroneBlocks
program again and the picture reappeared.

I need to remove this picture from my Tello, so that I do not get
any more of the “Abort Mission” statements. Maybe the pictures are
coming from the CV2 files.

Please help me solve this problem?

Thank you,