DroneBlocks app, Github python script, and Javascript code

I noticed that when I open my Python scripts (from Github) and fly the Tello drone with them, it often works if I open the scripts before opening the DroneBlocks app (all on the same computer). But if I try to fly the Tello drone after opening (or connecting) with the Droneblocks app, the python scripts do not work (see image below). It does not work even after I close the DroneBlocks app and ensure that it is ended in Task Manager.

On ocassion, I have also not been able to fly the Tello drown with the Javascipt code (DroneBlocks_code-v1.31.). This Javascript code sometimes Connects and works fine and other times it will not connect. It will give me a message to “Please Connect to the Tello Network”…even when I am already connected. I am not sure what the problem is. Is there a duration of time that must be waited between using different apps/software (DroneBlocks app, Github python script, and Javascript code) and the Tello?


For some reason I am not seeing your images.

Also can you tell me what repo and course you are working on.

Thank you

Here is the image

This is the result that I get when I try to fly the Tello drone with a Python script (Tello Keyboard commands -from an earlier lesson) after previously connecting the Tello DroneBlocks app. It seems that neither the Python scipts (in github.com nor the DroneBlocks app works if the other has been previously opened on the same computer. They only seem to work if you open them first and then run them. Or am I not understanding something?