Java Script Error launching Droneblocks Code

When I launch droneblocks code I get the following error. I’ve ran it successfully in the past with no problems on different computers. The previous systems were all running Windows 10. Thank you in advance.

Jeff, sorry to hear about the trouble. We are actually working to bring DroneBlocks Code functionality into the new version of our Desktop app. But I would like to help you troubleshoot what’s going on. For starters, can you install the DroneBlocks version discussed here:

I’d like to see if you can get that working. If you can then it tells me there’s a potential issue with the DroneBlocks Code build. If you still have the same problem/error then it tells me that there may be an issue with your machine. Perhaps a firewall could be blocking a port that we use to communicate with Tello. Let us know what you find out and we can take it from there.

I am running windows 11 and the installation was successful on the first run. The students had windows 10 and they were all successful.

Thanks for verifying that! We have not tested on Windows 11 yet but that’s encouraging to hear. Stay tuned for the next update of DroneBlocks Desktop for Tello drones. I’m talking with the team bout the potential of bringing in JavaScript capabilities.

I would say it is something with specific laptops as half the class seem to have camera and half do not. When loading the software for the first time the allow access screen must be addressed to enable the camera. For some reason this window does not appear on some machines. I will investigate.

Please let us know if you can find a way to reliably reproduce. Can you share a screenshot of the “allow access” screen you’re talking about? Perhaps that will help us troubleshoot. Thanks.

We have the drone working perfectly and able to take photos and use these to stitch an image. There are a few things we needed to do first:

  • turn off defender in the public network settings to allow Tello through the firewall.
  • turn off onedrive because if the droneblocks program is in onedrive, it will not load without an javascript error.
  • make sure that there is no other version of the program running using task manager as this also gives a javascript error.
    make sure the wireless connection in the droneblocks program is green. If it is not, there is a connection error probably in the firewall .
    Once all these things are done, the program runs without error.
    If the tello starts getting a little hot, turn it off and swap it out for another drone until it cools. If hot, they tend to not follow programs as accurately. My class had a ball today with the program and everything was smooth.

Janine, would you mind sharing a lesson plan or tutorial on what you did with the photos? It sounds like maybe you shot a panorama with Tello since you mentioned stitching the photos together. This would be really amazing to see!

We are back at school next week after our 2 week term break. I will gather the photos from one of the groups and send you them separately and then overlaid them together t show you what we did.