DroneBlocks Code Commenting

Tom Oliphant tweeted at us regarding a great question about code commenting. Because DroneBlocks is built on Blockly there is a built-in capability for code commenting. For the Chrome version of DroneBlocks this is done with a right-click on any block:


A question mark will show up on the block and then you can click on it to enter a comment:


Type in your comment and then click the question mark again to save it.

The process for adding a comment using DroneBlocks for iOS and Android is fairly similar. You will need to long-press any block and then select “Add Comment”:

Tap the question mark and then enter your comment:

When you’re done adding your code comment tap the question mark again. When you save your mission all code comments will be saved as well.

I hope this provides some clarity to the commenting features and a special thanks to Tom for bringing this up!