DroneBlocks Code Javascript Error Messages

I sent the following to Dennis and he replied with a solution and a request to send this along to the forum. So if any of you are experimenting with the DroneBlocks Code Windows app and get this error, you might find this a useful solution.

“I’m thinking of trying out the Drone Blocks Code software and so have installed it on my PC. But when I run it, the program first wants me to ‘search for app in the store’ to run it (I say no), and then gives me two Javascript errors.
Once it’s done with that, it seems to run fine.”

Dennis’ response was the following:
“That error leads me to believe that those ports are already in use on your computer. Perhaps you have the Chrome App running when trying to use DroneBlocks Code?”

Sure enough, when I tried to run the program today with no DroneBlocks or DroneBlocks Code running already, no Javascript errors popped up. (Microsoft still wanted me to go to the store to find an app to run the program, but that’s not a dealbreaker!)

Thank you Trina for confirming this. Please let us know how your class gets along with DroneBlocks Code.