Tello Talent LED commands freezing

When trying to use the LED and matrix displays commands, DroneBlocks sometimes freezes. I haven’t tried all the commands yet, but it has happened with the “clear matrix” and “pulse red” commands (but not the pulse two colors command). Additionally, the Abort Mission button doesn’t stop the motors or unfreeze DroneBlocks. I have to tilt the drone to get it to stop. And then I have to remove the command that has “froze” before the drone will relaunch a mission.

The Tello Talents were purchased within the past two months and have firmware I don’t know what the RMTT firmware is, but it hasn’t been updated. I’m using DroneBlocks version 4.1 on a 6th generation iPad with iPadOS 16.3.1.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll test today and get back to you asap.

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Looks like this is indeed a bug. We’ve identified the problem, submitted a fix, and are awaiting a review from Apple. Will post as soon as the update goes live. Thanks so much for pointing this out!

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I wanted to mention the bug fix is live in DroneBlocks for iOS v4.1.1

Please let us know if you have any problems!

Thanks for getting it fixed so quickly. Glad I could help de-bug.

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