Drones in swarm drifting

Hi how do i get more stable flight with a swarm and how far should drones in swarm be?
So the room i am in is a small 4x4 meters in size and I am flying 4 tellos. How can I get these tellos to be more stable.
Some guess as to what could be influencing the drift is

  1. uniform floor, I could put a textured carpet.
  2. Brighter lighting. My room lights are already quite decent
  3. I heard people say that I should remove prop guards, but I am a bit hesitant
  4. Maybe the gust of wind from each tello is influencing each other. What spacing would be recommended?

I’ve run tests in an area smaller in size with good results. Can you clarify “stable” is it that they aren’t maintaining position very well while in a swarm configuration? What happens if you run a test with two Tello drones instead of four in swarm?

You can check from these videos Ritesh Kanjee on LinkedIn: #drones #drone #dji


You can see the drift more in the second video.