How to get code block of Video Recording with Drobeblocks of iOS

I am using Droneblocks with iPad (iOS) and trying to make program which include command of video recording.
But I cannot find Code block in “Camera” menu.
Kindly advise how to get or make code block of video recording in My iPad.

Also I made such program with DroneBlocks in my Windows PC since windows version’s “Camera” block has blocks of Start and Stop Recording video.
But this program does not appear in My mission of my iPad.
Kindly advise the possible reason and solution of this problem.

Thank you.

We don’t currently have an ability to record video on mobile. Just photos. It’s something we were looking into but then we found out that Tello was being discontinued. So we are working on video recording for other drone platforms.

Hi, Dennis.

Thank you for response.

I understand.

Best Regards

Takashi Akatsu